Monday, January 9, 2012

A Mother

The tiny eyes of a tiny toddler,
The tiny hands,the tiny feet,
A baby step and he falls again!
One more try goes in vain!

His fury grows out of bounds,
His baby vision explores around,
The baby food , not so yummy,

Where the hell is his mummy?

On his knees,he makes the crawl,
Beware the stairs,he's about to fall !
His mum lifts him in her lap,
Why he cries,as if slapped?

He's put among the furry bears,
And he doesn't like his mum's glares,
Bored of toys,he wants to walk,
and jump over a hundred blocks!

His mum holds his tiny hands,
The first time,he manages to stand!
One by one,the steps he takes,
In mum's shadow,the moves he makes,

From a trembling walk to a speedy run,
He's all in frolic,he relishes the fun!
Feeling safe without any fear,
He giggles and crackles when mum cheers.

The days came and nights fly past,
The fleeting moments just refuse to last.

Studying at night,he's now a student,
A steady soul,ever so prudent,
The midnight oil,he burns and burns,
The mum ensures,he had his corn!

She wakes up early,day in day out,
This stupid boy,on mum he shouts!
The joyful unison has begun to drift,
The separation begins,ever so swift.

The days came and nights fly past,
The fleeting moments just refuse to last.

He's grown taller,he's now a teen,
His mum's presence no-where to be seen,
Her caring hands,he wants no more,
The lovely relation,grown so sore!

His mind feels the psycho-change,
But the mum knows,what's exactly the range,
His frustrated gestures,the mum gets hurt,
But she very well knows,it's just his blurt.

The days came and nights fly past,
The fleeting moments just refuse to last.

He's now on job,he has no time,
Meetings and alerts begin to chyme,
In the racing world,he has to race,
Long forgotten are his mum's space!

A hectic day has left him tranced,
The worried mum can only glance,
Her care,her worries ever so pure,
The golden days,wouldn't return for sure!

The days came and nights fly past,
The fleeting moments just refuse to last.

He falls in love,he's tied the knot!
The daughter-in-law,the groom has brought!
A family-man,he feels the sway,
Away from mum,he sails away.

The brunt of time,the mum did face,
She only has memories to embrace,
Her wrinkled body,she's grown so old
Her tiny toddler,she laments to hold !

Ooo stupid sons and stupid daughters,
Wipe her tears and bring her laughter.
Make ammends,its never too late !
In your hand lies,your mum's fate.

It doesn't matter,if you don't care.
The motherly touch is always there !

~Dedicated to all super-moms.

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Dave King said...

Superb. Enjoyed this enormously. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful write!


wonderful poem dedicated to all moms.... datz so sweet yaar... nice one :)

Susie Swanson said...

Nice poem.. love your writes..Susie

Brian Miller said...

lovely capture of the changes of life and how always that mothers touch is surely needed...

Saru Singhal said...

Awww...You wrote it so well, Rohit. The imaginary and the simple words playing beautifully...

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

super mom's for sure! I always call my sister a super mom!

I love how you went through the timeline!!!

Beautiful and well written poem!


Andy said...

Hello Rohit.
A mother's love is truly unconditional. Sadly, the love she has for her children is not always returned as the children go full circle from baby to adult. Children once grown up often forget the sacrifices mom had to make & the pain they cause when they don't need her comforting hand anymore.

I lost my dad when I was a young teenager, so my mom has been both mom & dad to me. I thank her everyday for everything she has done & most importantly, I always tell her how much I love her.

You penned this very well.
Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your comments are always appreciated.

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Sujatha Sathya said...

oh how beautifully you have written this. the mother in me is all yappyyappy :))

god bless you Beta :)

do show this one to ur mom Rohit. but well you must have already! she will be pleased to see how well you've placed yourself in the shoes of a tiny infant & through it all shown the bond of a mother with her child

Dave King said...

I too could relate to all this. I'm sure any parent would. Well done.

kalaiselvisblog said...

Rohit... well my kid is nearly 2 1/2 yrs old
am in d beginning stage of ur poem..

but when i read till the end, i thought of mum..
now she's having 2nd stage by taking care of my naughty kid...

felt tears buddy.... thanks 4 sharing...

Taylor Boomer said...

memories are always there,

that's what care.

big smiles.

shopannies said...

love the sound of your poem as a mom and grandma
come see what I shared at

Shreya said...

Oh.. this is lovely, really :) Great work, Rohit :)

Debra said...

Never lose the childlike wonder. It’s just too important. And how much we can learn from this! No matter how many times we fall, may we pick ourselves right back up, and mommy ourselves -
that is, after we've gotten big ;-)

Missy said...

That was extraordinary.. Loved it.

I found you while reading the blog of SB.. Looking forward to reading more.


Neeraj Kumar said...

This is as superb as the care of a mother.

Mithlash said...


☆ Rià ღ said...

This is awesome!! :) Loved it.

Lolamouse said...

Brought a tear to my ear as I have a daughter who is almost ready to leave home. I like how you repeat the stanza about fleeting moments refusing to last. Very effective.

Ostensible Truth said...

haha nicely done - loving the rhymes - well done!

Gayatri said...

So sweet. Very well written.

~*Princesa Fiona*~ said...

I always look forward to your poems, Rohit :-) This is a great long story *rhymes included* about one of the most important topics in the world ~ Mothers!

I haven't being seeing your posts in my reader lately :-( I saw this one plus a string of others tonight (in my time zone) and yet this one is dated on the 9th . . . hmmm . . . I'm confused, but then again, Blogger has been acting very strange lately. Anyhow, I'm glad I didn't miss this one! Have a great weekend!

Mani said...

O! This was just great. Wish all childrean realize this before its too late coz even they will face this some day.

Beautiful n touching post Mohit.


Kalyan P said...

lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

Menachery said...

awwwwwieeessss this is simply beautiful and touching. loved the way you have captured and penned a mothers journey :) ....