Monday, December 5, 2011

A hundred passing thoughts

Its 3.30 in the night. The clock is ticking by. Each tick is resonating in my ears,amplified by the stillness of the night.The world seems to be in deep slumber. The silence of the planet is igniting my inner thoughts, my  floating-dwindling thoughts.My keystrokes are filling the void as I type.

My soul refuses to sleep and my thoughts flow as words.What am I writing about?Even I don’t have a clue.I just wanna ink my thoughts.I don’t need a reason,my fingers drag on to type,
One after another,the keys are pressed,the floating-thoughts are set in motion and they begin to live through my words.
No,I ‘m not here,
I’m somewhere else ,in the world of my dreams .
Perhaps I’m sleeping ….but my thoughts are awake,these refuse to calm,unpacified they flow , meandering along ,are my floating-expressions !

I’m wearing no mask, I have no veil.I’m floating along in the serenity of the unknown world-an external world of dreams and fantasies.
My essence is lost,
my soul is set free ,
my existence has diminished.
Am I hallucinating? Perhaps yes! Something mystical is alluring me.I have no clue , as to what it is! Whatever it is ,its enchanting me ,I’m mesmerized , spell bound by a strange aura!
Lost I am ,clueless I am
Off I go ,my dreamy eyes have a sight to see!
~No, I’m not going nuts, I’m still in my senses !

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Menachery said...

lmao , the last line about you not goin nuts had that effect :)

my essence is lost, my soul is set free.... mashallah ... i liked that part a lot ...

Kabhi kabhi khone ke baad hume hum nazar aate hai :P ..

Mirage said...

WOW!! those words...I'm still lost in them. Beautifully written! It happens, sometimes we go in some other dreaming with open eyes. And sometimes we don't know which part is real.

Good work! :)

Cяystal said...

Hahaha I laughed pretty loud at the last line .. and don't forget, only the lost find their way back home! :)
This was a beautifully crafted post .. Diminishing of existence, loss of essence .. Those are feelings anyone would connect to! Quite post.

Shreya said...

Lovely post, So soulful. I can relate myself with this one. I really loved every word you wrote. I felt like reading a personal diary. I am spellbound. You are a nice writer, Rohit. Felt great after reading this one :)

eflores said...

Words from the soul. Nice post!
Thank you for sharing!

Erick Flores

Andy said...

Hello Rohit.
I find I do my best writing well into the night when everyone else is sleeping blissfully & it's just me, my muse & the stillness of the night.
You penned this very well.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks also for visiting, commenting & following. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too here & in Networked Blogs. Hope you don't mind my sending you a friend request in FB as well.

You paid me some nice compliments on my blog. I'm afraid I can't take the credit for the design though, that's the impressive handy work of my very talented wife!

Looking forward to reading more from you & hope you'll visit often!
Thanks again.

For ref:
Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

Alex Dissing said...

Thank you for your kind words. You have a strong sense of how to set a thought provoking scene. The specific details at the beginning only invite bigger meanings to follow. Keep it up.


Alcina said...

Power of words..Indeed mighty :)
Your post feels like you are describing your blog's's motivation..
I was awed by the way you played with the words..

And every writer sometime or the other wishes to submerge in these senses yet non-sensed sea of thoughts..
And yes you very well sound in senses :)


Susie Clevenger said...

I do most of my writing late at night when others are sleeping...a great write..a diary of your creative force

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Felt like it was straight from the heart :) No masks.. How I wish it was easy to let go of the masks we all wear!
Lovely post :)