Thursday, September 5, 2013


Their car which stood witness to many of their intimate moments was no less than a home to them. As the last of the fading rays filtered through the half open window pane, she sat with a serene silence, a silence that echoed the turbulence of a storm raging within.

They had a fight today. He knew it wasn't his fault, yet he was helpless.

With each passing moment, the reverberating silence pricked his heart deep to the core. The stillness of her uncharacteristic calmness were like the arrows thrusting a wounded heart, the answers were few and his desperation growing by the moment.

The power steering had taken to the driving wheel as his mind meandered away in figments of creativity. Through sharps turns and curvy meadows, the gusty winds swept across his face perhaps mocking his state of misery.  Like the howling winds sweeping a forest floor, free of the aching dry remains, his furious machine was zipping through the streets. Yet the irony was that the moments remained still.

An hour had flown past, but the two souls remained stagnant as ever. Perhaps time had paused for them; it was as if the creatures were waiting for a divine intervention; an intervention that could somehow infuse life into an ever pervasive silence of a graveyard.

Perhaps he too had given up. With a sinking heart, he turned on the car’s air fragrance.

Occasionally his gaze shifted to her, a few split seconds of a glance expecting to catch the emotions simmering in her eyes. The mind games were on and none knew the rules. The princess had turned hostile long ago, for she deliberately turned to the world on the other side. As if her mind floated in a dreamy land, she seemed adamant to find something in sheer nothingness.

Like the fork of a cross-road, their bodies may be close but their minds were poles apart; each traversing a pathway that remained ever so desolate. Perhaps she was re-living her memories of nostalgia, her mind brimming with a few enigmatic moments - the moments of their first long drive , far away from the maddening rush, the ambiance , the aroma , the serenity  of the cosmos and the mesmerizing tranquility of an ever confounding mysticism - her senses were lost , as if she was spell-bound by an aromatic charm, the world had simply stopped existing for her, for with each trickling moment she kept drifting in an ambrosial trap - his genuflecting on the knees for a stammering proposal , her acceptance and those purposeless long drives , those cuddles and the instantaneous bursts of laughter - within moments, everything seemed to have brightened up to the shimmering glitters of  yesteryears.

Hey.... hello !! I'm speaking to you!......there??here??where??What now?? Grrhhhhhhh.

Perhaps, the cackles of a crow and the croaks of a frog had soon shattered her pristine state. And there he was; the night had set in and standing among the shadows of their garage , he stood with keys in his hand, as if begging for the mistress to get down.

She swooped on him, clutching against his chest. It was as if the moments had suddenly turned eternal for her.

Like a nomad lost among the ruins of deserted barrens, who has somehow magically found an oasis; his emotions swayed from one extreme to another. Within moments, those very clouds of dark gloom had turned azure. Hopelessness turned into ecstasy and a new life was breathed into him. Hand-in-hand trolled the stupid couple!  He however was still contemplating the source that churned magic in thin air.....As the stair-case approached, his mind re-ignited to the eureka moment! Perhaps he had sensed it all; for he turns around to bid adieu to the master cupid, 'that car air fragrance’ - that was still creating magic in thin air.


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Jyoti Mishra said...

quite magical aroma can be sometimes


ohh a nice one!