Monday, September 10, 2012

Dew Drops

Those drops of dewy mist lay clung to the window panes….an ever so random scattering, painting a picture of anonymity… The view was hazy  and so was his memory lanes. He stood still and motionless ….Perhaps standing among the ruins of a glorious past, an enigma of emotions filled him inwards. That pious moment  lay still in a serene ambience …… the  deafening silence pricked his core. A never ending wait ceased to exist..and moments trickled past as the clock ticked by…Like the fork of a crossroad ,he remained disillusioned… with a fathom of doubt and darkness shrouding him.

He was chasing shadows ….unprecedented flickering  images , brimming with hope that eludes one and all. The drops are ephemeral …….momentary is their stay. Perhaps they know themselves. For they drift lifelessly, leaving a trail behind..a trail as an epitome  for they once existed !Each such trail washes away the stains of past….for a new life is infused ! The view no longer as hazy as before,  becoming clearer with each passing trail. A hope  ever so bleak  is ignited.. with a hope of faith..a hope of belief!

His gentle palms rubs off the panes and a shimmering  sight is there to behold! Mesmerized in enchantment , he opens the creaky windows …..Amidst the warmth of the dangling rays of shine, he soaks  in the pleasure….The pleasure of breaking free from the prisons of gloom!

Only  belief can see beyond the horizon and churn paths that until then,...... did not exist ! 
For  “where there’s a will , there’s always a way ..”


-Image source:Google Images


Andy David said...

Words of wisdom my friend. Nicely done!

Ph_ said...

Mmmm... Very true.
I like the way post ended.

james atel said...

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Shreya said...

Good one. After a long time you have posted. Welcome back to blog world. :)

Viki said...

maza agya cheete.,just stress your fingers a bit more often for your readers.