Friday, July 6, 2012

A facade

Its the evening hours with artificially lit cubicles.The coffee machines are still pouring for the restless souls , the keystrokes are mercilessly struck one after another,access cards are getting repeatedly swiped,eyes glued to monitors-strained yet watchful  !!

A spreadsheet has to finalized, a mail has to be composed, a report has to be reviewed and finally a deadline has to be met !An employee with an employee access card as a garland around his neck , is employed by the employer! Its business,its money-making,its a corporate.Here relations are expressed as designations and hierarchies , appreciation as monetary incentives and promotions , criticism as fines and suspensions ! A radiant smile,a handshake of trust and confidence,a pat on the back ....all concealed beautifully in the professional garb.
Years down the line ,the prime of his life well past him,he reflects back on his life.He has invested his life typing keys,fixing bugs,constructing modules,managing reports,convincing clients and what not.A listless void of emptiness fills him as he realizes the only thing he has been good at is money making!The very same money that behaves like grains of hold it strongly in your fists yet it slips away,you bring in some more and it keeps sliding!Momentary pleasures bought,momentary pleasures soaked,momentary pleasures forgotten.

If only he lived and  not merely existed, if only he left the world a more happier place than he had found it, if only he had created changes for the better,if only he could create impact and make his life worth emulating.

It could have been satisfaction over resentment ..... if only he had listened to 'him'.


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Andy David said...

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Aguilar Elliot said...

man, this is good stuff! such deep reflections.

deeps said...

Interestingly life is like that..

Just stopped by

I do, I do. said...

Interesting read :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

only after he has felled the last tree
only after he has eaten the last fish
and only after the last river has gone dry
will man realize he cannot eat money...

these lines beautifully explains that man/woman should take some time out n enjoy life n nature that's all around

Chintan said...

This is the dilemma of all the people who want to break free! I do too. I do not know what am I waiting for. I do know I want two things desperately from life, whether I am working towards both of them or not I do not know, however I do know I too want to break free.