Sunday, May 20, 2012


In the silence of a graveyard,
In the stillness of the dusk,
HE walks  alone,
All unfettered !

The Silent Killer-the so called dark horse
HIS looks so deceptive,
With expressions so cold,
A treacherous soul, HE's made to bluff !

But this wicked world ,
has a wicked plan,
The chosen victim!
An easy prey!

To be torn apart,
To be teared to pieces,
One by one,
They lunge on HIM.

A friendly smile,
With hands over shoulders,
HIS trust is won,
HIS heart has melt !

Trapped in the worldly cobwebs,
The pits,the threat,
The danger,the risk,
HE's all in dark !

A brotherly hug,
A Sisterly smile,
HE's asked to give
With a smile in return!

A smile of cheat,
Veiling the wicked laugh,
Used and exploited,
HE's left all blank!

The cruel predators,the evil souls,
Boisterous they are,
Their money bags full
All swelled up !

Gleaming with joy,
The heartless predators,
Swoop HIM away,
How could they be so volte-face ?

The plan has worked,
The prey is crushed,
The party is on,
And the purse-strings are loosen!

The laughs,
The mimics,
The high-fives,
All turn grey!!

An empty sight,
The blank wallets,
Cashless they are,
With a handful zinging pennies!!

Aghast they are,
In absolute disbelief,
They turn around,
In search of HIM !

Nowhere to be seen,HE  walks away!
HIS victim crushed,
HIS deal is sealed,
The Silent Killer !!

Not  a word spoken,
Not  a hint thrown,
As inexpressive as  a statue,
As motionless as  a coffin!

In unguarded glory,HE's doesn't bask.
This fake world deserves.......HIS fake mask.
A shrewd acumen,a nocturnal owl.
The silent killer.......... makes the silent prowl !!

An absolute thriller,
Is the Silent Killer !!

Silent Killer - 1
Silent Killer - 2

-Image source:Google Images


Alex Dissing said...

As a short story & poem this is very nicely developed. Has a great flow. The last two stanzas sum it up tightly.

Rià said...

Ohh spooky!!

Jyoti Mishra said...

so beautifully u have expressed the bizarre and deceptive world..
every one indulged in hidden motives n desires.. ready to attack when u r exposed or weak..

Lovely read rohit !!!

Anonymous said...

this fake world deserves his fake mask.
nicely put. well done!