Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eyes too speak

-A fictitious write-up.

He knows it might be one way ,he knows that she isn't  in her destiny ..he knows that he has everything to lose!

But every time, he attempts to wipe away her memories , from his memory lanes...and for once forever ! he recollects the look in her eye, the look that could mean a million words ! Yes ,eyes too speak and her's definitely did.
A look that reflected her thoughts ,her mind ,her say! ....a look that often contradicted with what she spoke ! almost revolting to her speech and her actions ! She could fool many a folks,with the deception she possessed but not him.
He knew,she was trying to not to be herself! She knew , it doesn't work on him.
Yet the pretentious mind-games go on.

Her silence gives him , a glimmer of hope ! howsoever feeble but he still lives with it, like a long cherished memory.He refuses to resign to his fate,perhaps foolishly running away from reality...The wait never ceases to end and it seems, it never will.
She's still  exploring, exploring for HIM, but the chances of HIM being him are meek and slender....And he knows it ! and he has to live in his dreamy castle of optimism that still waits for a clue from her.His world seems frozen and only she can bring it to life...If it all she does !!
And a thought often flickers across his mind!What if, she's waiting too?

No-one cuts the ice ! and its as static as it always had been.He just cannot risk it.The fear of losing her overpowers, his every attempt to break through.And he knows it'll always remain the same.The wait seems prolonging to eternity but he doesn't mind....."The tides would turn and destiny will have its say...if at all she was destined for him...."
If not for her,he couldn't be for anyone else.His first and last was her! Her first seems not to have happened at all !Its either her or her memories ...memories that plainly refuse to fade.He can see her walk away but can't see her walk out of his life !! 

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Gayatri said...

Very well written. I know someone who was in that situation. Not a pretty place :(

Binu Thomas said...

Interesting Rohit!! Thoughts are just flowing out.. Nice read..

Shreya said...

This was a beautiful write up, Rohit. Sadly beautiful. :O

P.S. Yay.. am the first to comment ;)

Saru Singhal said...

You know reader can actually feel the words you wrote. Just amazing Rohit:)

I do, I do. said...

The tides would turn and destiny will have its say..if at all she was destined for him!
^^--- Really touched!

Sujatha Sathya said...

aah! to be loved thus by a man!
eyes speak, and speak so well at times that words aren't needed but if only someone could look their way!

"see her walk away but not out' - nicely said.

shashi purwar said...

eyes says everything without any words..........aankhe padhne ki kala har koi nahi janta , aankhe sab kuch kah deti hai .very nice post .

Urmi said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your compliment.
I appreciate for your wonderful post. Excellent.

Urmi said...

As I am born and brought up in Jharkhand so I have a great passion of writing in Hindi because I love the language and also interested in cooking, have done lots of painting and also love to write articles in English. Thank you very much for your lovely and encouraging comment in kavita blog. You have visited my 4 blogs so yet to visit my khanamasala blog.

Dave King said...

What chance does any man have of being him? Excellent write.

Prime Aque said...

Pact with emotion, this is so powerful Rohit! You have the say! Eyes are windows of our soul, if i am not mistaken with that old saying. We cannot really hide our true emotion, not to the one we love. I guess the waiting will worth it if they know exactly deep inside that they are destined to be together and it is happening on me, i am patient enough waiting and I know it will be over soon!

P.S. you participation at day 3 of the self-evaluation is quoted at day 4. Gratitude my friend :)

kalaiselvisblog said...

"if not for her, he couldn't be for anyone else"

so emotional... loved it buddy...

Monika Jain "मिष्ठी" said...

very nice and touchy :)
welcome to my blog