Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Silent Killer

As the night grows murkier
Half the world immersed in darkness
Awakens his senses in slumber
In quest of HIM

The silent killer ,the so called hermit
Rarely does he speak
But Rarely he fails
Like a mystery unresolved

A shrewd acumen,
Always on the prowl
His cards undisclosed
To be revealed at the very last moment

His victim is all in frolic
Clueless about the unseen threat
All ready to sail to victory
All ready to make a history

Just then,he makes the move
A move least expected
A hidden trump card is played
And down goes the winning stroke

His victim is left aghast
In absolute disbelief
Inches away from victory
He’s robbed of all

Not a word spoken
Not a hint thrown
As Unexpressive as a statue
As motionless as a coffin

His victim crushed
A deal is sealed
And he walks away
The silent killer

A dark horse
A unsung hero
But that’s what he wants
His mask is his strength

In the shadow of his soul
He walks alone
Scanning the world
With a thought in motion

As he collides
With a chirping bunch
He seems an innocuous prey
Doomed to be roasted

But predator can be preyed too
Not even in the dreams ,they realize
And when they do,its just too late
I pity their unfortunate fate

A mysterious specie,
All dark and hidden
An absolute thriller

(Dedicated to those who perform when least expected.)

-Image Source:Google Images


Shreya said...

Rich words, Rohit. Nice :)

Dave King said...

Fascinating blog, and this isa very intense read. Gripping poem.

Ty-shaun Coles said...

And a silent killer you are! Awesome poem! I was actually eager to finish it after the first stanza. I looked forward to reading more posts from you. You have a new follower, bro. :)

Anonymous said...

sad, haunting imagery.

well done.

The Cello Strings said...

masks his strength as a dark horse,

powerful creativity,
Thanks for sharing.

pamanner said...

Mysterious, brooding, dark. Enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a classic psychopath to me

Anonymous said...

intriguing bit!
enjoy the rally!

Neha said...

The hunter became the hunted, nice poem:)

anjum artwriter said...

Intriguing and mystical.An enlightening piece of poetry.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

keep it up.

join poets rally tomorrow.

Mani said...

This is fantastic, coz I can relate so much!

Thanks for the visit and appreciation u left on my creation. Joined u today so that we can share more creativity.


~*Princesa Fiona*~ said...

I couldn't resist coming to read the first part after reveling in the second! Sorry I missed this one when you first posted it but glad I had the chance to discover it now! Wish I could abandon my rhymes to write like this :) BEAUTIFUL prose!